Best Things to Do in New York City

By Abraham Sanieoff

Before the pandemic lockdowns and travel restrictions, New York City set visitor records. In 2019 alone, the City of New York welcomed approximately 66.6 million visitors. It’s a quarter of the entire state’s overall visitors for that year. As one of the most famous cities and destinations globally, immortalized in pop culture, music, and literature, New York City is one of the best representations of the diversity and color of American culture.

Abraham Sanieoff, as a well-traveled editor, sees New York City as one of the world’s major destinations for culture, exemplified by the vivid variety of attractions, experiences, places, and people to see in the city. When asked about the most enjoyable and memorable experiences in New York City, he has a few recommendations for out-of-state tourists and foreign tourists alike.

A Visit to Central Park

Central Park is one of the city’s biggest attractions, an 843-acre space of green, walkways, and trees in the heart of Manhattan. It’s equal parts park and museum and is also conveniently located next to the famous Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Central Park itself is an ideal year-round attraction with many exciting features inside. Apart from being a beautiful park in its own right, there is an Alice in Wonderland statue, the Strawberry Fields, The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, the famous Bethesda Fountain featuring the Angel of the Water sculpture, and the 6-acre Conservatory Garden.

Visiting the Empire State Building

It’s one of the most iconic symbols of New York City. The Empire State Building is a must-see stop for most international tourists visiting the city. This landmark structure offers a 1,050-foot high view of the cityscape. There are interactive multimedia devices at the top of the building that offer historic and cultural narrations and the different sights to see from the building.

A Trip to the Statue of Liberty

If New York City had one symbolic icon, it would be the famous Statue of Liberty. This bright shining beacon of NYC across the water from Manhattan on Liberty Island is accessible by ferry. If you’re making the trip, the ferry will make a stop at nearby Ellis Island as well for some more city history before returning to the mainland.

Times Square

Immortalized in television, music videos, movies, and historical photographs, Times Square is the world-famous five-block representation of New York City itself. It’s full of vibrant colors and countless billboards, making it one of the world’s most coveted marketing real estate. Millions of tourists visit this commercial space, from West 42nd to West 47th Street, to take photos of the bright lights and colors of the city.

Grand Central Terminal

The beautiful, vaulting ceilings and architecture of Grand Central Terminal is more than just a stop on the famous NYC subway system. It’s a place to dine and shop, as the main concourse offers marble floors and chandeliers that illuminate upscale dining to NYC staples. But it’s mostly famous for the scenery it offers. The beaux-arts neoclassical architecture has often made it the site of plenty of romantic travel photographs.

Make the Most Of Your Visit

These are just a few of the exceptional sights to see and visit in New York City. There are far more locations and experiences to enjoy upon getting there. For Abraham Sanieoff, once you’re done with the usual tourist sights, the best way to experience New York is to look for activities recommended by locals and travel specialists.

Abraham Sanieoff is a traveler, writer, and editor with a taste for exploration and finding beautiful locations that inspire people. If you’re looking for your next travel destination, see more places in his recommendations



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Abraham Sanieoff

Abraham Sanieoff

Abraham Sanieoff, originally from California, I’m a traveler, writer and blogger for over 15 years now. I love to write about my experiences and share them.