Who Is Abraham Sanieoff?

Abraham Sanieoff
3 min readAug 31, 2022

Abraham Sanieoff

Welcome to abrahamsanieoff.net. Are you a New York resident or perhaps someone going to visit NYC? No matter which one you are, abrahamsanieoff.com is at your service with its travel guide and real estate posts.

And this is one of the most trusted websites created by none other than Abraham Sanieoff.

Do you know who Abraham Sanieoff is? If you do not know already, you can read more about Abraham here…

Who is Abraham Sanieoff?

Abraham Sanieoff is your traveling enthusiast and copywriter. He started his career in copywriting, and after gathering years of knowledge in the field of real estate and travel, he started his website. However, Abraham Sanieoff is not only a great real estate advisor but also a traveler who traveled many places in his lifetime to gather knowledge and experience in traveling.

All of these had led him to want to write about beautiful places to see in Manhattan, Beverly Hills, California, United States, places to live, and events to attend. It was Abraham Sanieoff’s clients that encouraged him to write down his experiences and data he collected over the years.

Thus, Abraham Sanieoff intended to create a page to provide information on traveling and real estate objects on which he has a good grip. Abraham Sanieoff also opened a Facebook page, Twitter Account, LinkedIn Profile, etc., to provide the experience and knowledge he has gathered.

Abraham Sanieoff’s Background

Internet business needs copywriters, and there comes Abraham Sanieoff. Abraham Sanieoff started his career in 1998 as a copywriter, ghostwriting for several well-known authors and columnists in Beverly Hills, California, United States.

Abraham Sanieoff completed his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and started his career as a copywriter.

A copywriter is a professional who writes text content, and this content can be featured in articles on selected sites and blogs, writing posts for newsletters, social networks, or press releases. A copywriter needs to study the company’s specifics, the field of activity, and the USP of goods or services, analyze the target audience, and learn the basics of Internet marketing.

A copywriter is expected to make the texts understandable, the style recognizable, and the readers of the site or any materials inspire people to make a purchase and any targeted action. As he gained years of experience in the field of copywriting, he then started to write in 2004 under his name Abraham Sanieoff.

Abraham Sanieoff wanted to make his name appear as a published writer. Thus, he created a website and named it after his name i.e., abrahamsanieoff.com.

Now he travels and writes about places to see, his different experiences, high-end places in NYC to eat, etc.

Abraham Sanieoff has offered many things on his website, claiming to be a travel enthusiast. If you check his website, you will see a list of art Museums to visit in NYC, dishes you need to try in NYC, etc.


Abraham Sanieoff has helped many affected real estate marketers from false claims with his writing. Moreover, he has created posts on places to visit in NY, foods to try objects to invest in the real estate market, etc., to attract viewers to his website. Abraham Sanieoff always offers genuine information on traveling and the real estate field to ensure his readers never suffer for his guidance.

Being a resident of Beverly Hills, California, United States, Abraham Sanieoff knows everything from places to visit and foods to try, times to visit NYC, etc.; along with his excellent grip on writing, he is one of the best post writers. In NY right now!

Visit abrahamsanieoff.com to witness his grip on writing and also his vast knowledge of traveling and the real estate market!



Abraham Sanieoff

Abraham Sanieoff, originally from California, I’m a traveler, writer and blogger for over 15 years now. I love to write about my experiences and share them.